“May you live in interesting times” is both a blessing and a curse. The world is transforming rapidly today, indeed the entire world order is changing before our very eyes. It is time to roll up our sleeves and take destiny into our own hands. Particularly for those involved in building software.

It’s Time to Build

It is always time to build, but as we witness this extraordinary phase of the evolution of human society, it is particularly urgent. Here’s how Marc Andreessen of a16z talks of it:

It's Time to Build | Andreessen Horowitz

Build In Public

And then there is the whole #BuildInPublic movement, a very good way to drive teams to build meaningful things.

Building in Public: How Tech Companies Master Product-Market Fit

Why Building in Public Is a Powerful Marketing Strategy - Ceros Inspire

And at Awake, we’re pushing the movement further. #BuildInPublic augmented with #BuildTogether.

Join us so we can work together in collaborative ways to launch new platforms and products that benefit everyone.

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