Here’s a rather good article about how to build in public:

The Building in Public How-To Guide

Build Together

And how to build together? That’s where Awake comes in.

Awake Build is a community powered movement of entrepreneurs, software developers, marketers, sales and BD folks, and everyone in the middle and around, to help launch new platforms, innovations, market networks, apps, and so on, all built as market networks.

These market networks are force multipliers, not just because many hands make light work, but because they’re a productivity magnifier for the community or industry they serve. Only by connecting everyone into an open network where value can be exchanged (both free and paid) can true social commerce be brought into existence.

Join our upcoming Hackathons, or the Awake Seasons of Code program. Or apply for Incubation, we’re excited to build together! 🚀

And here’s more on building in public:

The building blocks of building in public [part 1]


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Because It’s Time To Build Together